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An award-winning micro-event space
for events up to 49 people inside the
historic 1800's Craigmiles Hall Opera House.

The Opera House
at Craigmiles Hall


Now booking through July 2024.

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$500 - $1,950*



Starting at

$250 for 2 hrs,
+$75/hr after

  See below for more info.  



Starting at

$200 for 2 hrs,
+$50/hr after

  See below for more info.  


  • The Opera House can accommodate micro-events up to 49 people.

  • For a brief overview of the space,  scroll down to our "About the Space" section. Please note: "The Opera House" main chamber is located on the third floor of the building. Due to the historic nature of the building, there is no elevator or lift to the third floor. If you have questions about available accommodations, please contact us directly.

  • For a description of services and pricing, please see our Pricing Page.

  • Small Event Hosting and Photography Studio rentals have a 2 hour minimum rental time; Events are $75/hr after minimum, photo studio rentals are $50/hr after minimum.

    • Event rental includes chairs, tables, table covers and chair covers, on-site support staff and access to a JBL surround syste​m setup for basic music playback.

  • For additional information or questions, use our Booking and Inquiry Form.

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Opera House Quick Reference Guide (non-wedding)

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Opera House event rental quick reference guide - non-wedding.JPG

Travel  back  in  time

The year is 1878. A horse-drawn carriage makes its way through the bustling streets of Cleveland, TN. A passenger steps out, burdended with a magnificent vision, the likes of which the city had never seen.

23-year-old Walter Craigmiles gazed upon the plot of land he had selected near the city courthouse, and so began construction of the Craigmiles Hall Opera House, Cleveland's first art and cultural center.

The Opera House became the touchstone for a cultural awakening in Cleveland, answering the call of thousands who thirsted for intellectual improvement.

Graced by performances of such national treasures as the legendary composer and conductor John Phillip Sousa, the theater's civic, educational, and beneficent endeavors for the community were its true and lasting foundation.

Click the document to read the History of the Craigmiles Hall Opera House.
Publication: "Craigmiles Hall - Cleveland's First Cultural Center"; Snell 1998; archived by Xavier Jasso

About the Space

The Opera House Event Venue is consists of two main areas: The Main Chamber (for all events) and an additional Bridal Suite (for weddings). 


The Main Chamber is approximately 1,000 square feet with a peaked 20-foot ceiling. Based on type of event, the space can accommodate micro-events up to 49 people with current renovations.

Please note: The Opera House Main Chamber is located on the third floor of Craigmiles Hall. Due to the historic nature of the building, there is unfortunately no elevator or wheelchair access to the space. We can, however, support requests for livestreaming so friends and family and participate in your momentous occasion.


Weddings and Events at The Opera House

All wedding and event bookings include: venue planner and coordinator, private bridal suite and groom's room, up-lighting with adjustable 16-million point color range to match event colors, on-site staff presence and support, music coordinator with surround-sound JBL ecosystem, event tables* (includes cake table and sweetheart table), and event chairs.

For a description of services and pricing, please see our Pricing Page.

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