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Opera House

at Craigmiles Hall

"Weddings at the Opera House"
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Small Event Pricing

Need help finding the venue? 

An award-winning micro-event space for events up to 49 people
located inside the historic 1800's Craigmiles Hall Opera House. 

and home to
Muse Mind Studios.

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$500 - $1,500*



Starting at

$300 for 2 hrs,
+$75/hr after

Please see our FAQ.



Starting at

$250 for 2 hrs,
+$50/hr after

Please see our FAQ.




Q: What is a "micro-event venue and multi-use space"?

A: A micro-event venue is just what the name suggests - an event space for intimate (micro level) groups! We cater to individuals, families, or business who want a unique, unforgettable space without the large-event-venue price tag. We call it a multi-use space because it can be used for a variety of different purposes: weddings, birthdays, business meals, vendor pop-up events, educational classes, and more.

Q: Is there an attendee limit?

A: Per city code, The Opera House "main chamber" can accommodate micro-events up to 49 people, including any vendors who will be set up inside the main space itself. If you have questions about how many people may be able to attend your specific event, please use our Booking and Inquiry Form.

Q: What are your venue rental prices?

A: A small event quick reference pricing guide is displayed further down on this page.


For weddings, please contact us using our Booking and Inquiry Form.

Q: Is there an elevator or lift to the 3rd floor?

A: Due to the historic nature of Craigmiles Hall, there is unfortunately no elevator or lift to the third floor where our venue is located. You can familiarize yourself with our space by watching this video. If you have questions about available accommodations or our vendor entrance, please contact us directly at

Q: Is there any difference in cost to rent on a weekday vs. a weekend?

A: Nope - we like to keep it simple! There is no difference in weekday or weekend pricing. 

Q: Is there any difference in cost to rent on a holiday?

A: Some major holidays may incur an additional fee equivalent to 10% of your total rental cost. 

Q: Do you require a booking deposit?

A: Yes - we generally require a non-refundable booking deposit of 50% to reserve your date, with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to the event day. If you have questions, use our Booking and Inquiry Form.

Q: Do you offer catering or have an on-site kitchen?

A: We unfortunately do not have an on-site kitchen or dedicated kitchen staff, but we can provide recommendations for wonderful vendors in our local area!

Q: What is included with the venue rental pricing?

A: Our venue rental pricing includes: event tables and chairs with covers; access to a bluetooth JBL surround-sound-system setup, color-adjustable up-lighting to match your event colors, and on-site staff support during the event (a current requirement for events). If you have questions, please use our Booking and Inquiry Form.

Q: What kind of add-ons do you offer?

A: We offer a variety of add-ons such as photo/video packages (we're photography company!), decor items, serve-ware (like drink dispensers, cake stands, plates and chargers, etc.), custom linen colors and more - it really just depends on what you're looking for! We can discuss these in the booking process.

Q: Can I rent The Opera House for a photography session?

A: Yes! Our photography studio rental prices start at $250 for 2 hours. The pricing structure drops the more hours you rent. Our 2-hour rental requirement is due to the fact we have to "flip" and prepare the venue space for studio use. If you have questions, please use our Booking and Inquiry Form.

Q: How much advance notice do I have to give for photo studio rentals?

A: We generally ask for at least a 7-day notice so we can plan accordingly - prepping the venue space for studio use can take a few hours. If you have questions, please use our Booking and Inquiry Form.

Q: How big is your company?

A: Just two official employees - we're a husband and wife team! You can learn more about us here! 

Q: What do I do if I'm ready to book or have questions?

A: To start the process, use our Booking and Inquiry Form.

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photo studio rental quick reference sheet july 2023.JPG

Opera House Quick Reference Guide (non-wedding)

Small Event Pricing

"The Opera House" is a micro-event venue located inside of the historical Craigmiles Hall building in Cleveland, TN. The event space offers a unique, intimate, one-of-kind environment for wedding, family or business functions, birthday parties and more. The venue is managed by local media production company Muse Mind Studios. 


The Craigmiles Hall Opera House was Cleveland, TN's first Art and Cultural Center when it opened in 1878. It became the touchstone for a cultural awakening in Cleveland, answering the call of thousands who thirsted for intellectual improvement. Graced by performances of such national treasures as the legendary composer and conductor John Phillip Sousa, the theater's civic, educational, and beneficent endeavors for the community were its true and lasting foundation.

Contact us today and become a part of The Opera House's beautiful legacy.

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